SPORT: Powerboating

Powerboating is a very popular and adrenalin fueled sport. It has been completely off limits to wheelchair users and most disabled people until now.  Wetwheels South East has twin 300 HP Suzuki engines giving her a top speed of 40 knots (46 mph).

Her catamaran hull gives her tremendous stability. She has been purposefully designed to be driven by people with all disabilities, including wheelchair users.  She will have a raised ramp to the steering position and ultra-light hydraulic steering, provided by Hy-Drive, enabling those with the weakest of arm strength to steer with ease.


All powerboating activities are undertaken with an RYA qualified, commercially endorsed, powerboat skipper standing alongside the control station with his hands on the throttles. Powerboating is not just about going fast, it is learning how to control a powerful boat in different circumstances. This tuition is all part of the experience.  

Did you know Powerboating was an Olympic sport in 1908?